Mondays are a place to start

Mondays are a place to start

Good morning (ok, afternoon…) from a very spring-like Monday in Vermont. I’ve been out this morning, choosing the marble for the marble pastry slab I’ve been wanting since we left the inn (with it’s one huuuuge marble countertop). In reality I’ve love to redo our kitchen and have the island topped with marble…but this slab is going to make me very happy. We drove down to Proctor and wandered around the stacks of mismatched slabs and odd offcuts at Johnson Marble trying to choose just the perfect piece. A lovely day out on a sunny Monday morning.

  • I posted on Facebook last week, something about being so proud of the various ‘kids’ (of all ages) who worked for us at the inn over the years. I mean, they are getting doctorates and becoming doctors, running farms, traveling the world, raising families, starting businesses, directing shows, getting promotions….the list is endless. We always felt so lucky to be surrounded by such a dynamic, hard-working group. I still think they are all awesome. It’s nice to think about awesome people that you know, out there in the world, being awesome.
  • I’ve spent a significant amount of time obsessing over what book(s) I will take with me on vacation in a couple of weeks. Because the reading material is a crucial step in the packing process. A maxi dress, a bathing suit and a stack of books – that pretty much should do it. But what should I read??! The LAST thing I want is to be on a beach with a bad choice of books. Nothing too serious, nothing too frivolous….obsessing. But fun.
  • There’s this theater company (founded by a college friend) doing amazing work in arts-based social engagement. They have a touring production called ‘How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes’ that is another of the ideas that just catches my heart and reminds me how hard people are working, with all their various tools, to focus on things that need attention. The whole audience gets involved in all kinds of complex ways, every night. And it ends, every night, with the audience deciding where to donate $1000 cash from the ticket sales. Extraordinary.
  • Which then led me to finding out about this organization, Better Angels, that is focusing on how to create dialogue between opposite sides in this country. Working on uniting the United States. I don’t know much about them, but, wow, does this sound like, to me, some more of what we could all use. I have mixed feelings about Facebook at times, though I love the connections it lets me hold more closely, since some of my friends and family are pretty far-flung. But I find the politics and news cycles, both on Facebook and in the real news just exhausting. I’m a pretty steady person, I don’t like extreme emotions and these few years are doing a real number on my brain power. More places that are focusing on how to get people to actually talk, and actually listen, are doing the right work as far as I can see.
  • And then there was this article – about a preliminary scientific study based in a town in the UK, where they have dramatically reduced illness throughout the community by creating more community. I know it’s not entirely new news, we know that social isolation is bad for us all, but: “What this provisional data appears to show is that when isolated people who have health problems are supported by community groups and volunteers, the number of emergency admissions to hospital falls spectacularly.” It highlights coordinated medical care, but that there is also an emphasis on coordinating community care, or community activity. There’s even evidence that links isolation to increased inflammation, that then causes illness and more isolation. Fascinating and workable and not a pill. Let’s have more of this too.
  • I’ll leave you with this news, that there is a woman crusading for equality by getting the emoji people to make an emoji of a flat-heeled women’s shoe. Did you know that the only female shoe emoji was a red high heel? Silly and frivolous cause to take up. Or is it? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

We’re still moving slowly over here with the hop-a-long dog, though she is recovering well. We’re going to enjoy this early spring-like weather, but are also remembering that last year the closing date of the sale of our inn was almost postponed because of the biggest snowstorm of the season. On March 15th. Have a great week.

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