Baking Experiments and Other Thoughts

Baking Experiments and Other Thoughts

As you know, I’ve been an a cinnamon sugar quest recently. I posted about it a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have made this new-to-me recipe for coffeecake:

Marble Coffeecake

More of a marbled effect, the recipe called for mixing the strudel ingredients with some of the batter so that you don’t get that sinkage you can get with heavier ingredients in a light batter. It was very tasty but the feedback was that the lovely crumbly topping was missed. So I will return to my usual coffeecake/ crumb cake recipes. I was all set to go old school and make Blueberry Buckle this week but then I had a blueberry/raspberry conundrum and we had Raspberry Buckle instead.

Raspberry Buckle

Returning to the cinnamon sugar quest, somewhat out of the blue last week – these cinnamon knots happened:

Cinnamon Knots

They will happen again FOR SURE. They were a big success. Chewy and gooey. I wish you all could have been standing in my kitchen about 10 minutes after they came out of the oven, because I’m pretty sure that’s when they were at their very, very best.

I’m planning to get back to the pull-apart cinnamon sugar muffins this week but I have also just been gifted about 1000 plums, so I’m on a plum recipe search. Haven’t found the one I want to make yet, but that’s my goal for today. It’s kind of like grad school, the research can be the best part and can get very distracting. Oh what fun though!

The past few days also saw a very successful 10th Annual Shoreham Apple Fest – and Orchard Run at Apple Fest. I’m one of the organizers of this annual fundraiser for the Platt Memorial Library and it is always such a fantastic day. Full of Fall activities and community spirit and great volunteers. One of those days that makes me very happy to live where I live, proud to be surrounded by such warm, talented and generous neighbors and wishing I had a little bit of control over the weather. Because 91 degrees on September 16 wasn’t entirely in the plans. It was a stunner of a day though.

I made desserts for a wedding celebration and nearly made myself sick on the Brown Butter Buttercream frosting – which will now be the only frosting I ever make for a cake of my own. I’ll make it for anyone else who asks too!

Brown Butter Buttercream

Oh, and mini Banoffi Pies started going to Buxton’s Store once a week and THAT was an exciting day!

Banoffi Pie

Whew. It’s been a busy few weeks and just today I feel like the brakes are on and life is going to slow down into the start of fall with a little more breathing space. I’ve probably just jinxed myself by saying that but, there it is. I love the fall, I love the feeling of newness and fresh starts that never seems to go away no matter how long it’s been since I had a new school year that began in September – but also that we’re headed to the quieter, cozier part of the year. Here’s to more time for baking (and better temperatures for baking in!) and more recipes to share.

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