Banoffi Pie

Banoffi Pie

I just want to say something about Banoffi Pie. Yes, I have misspelled it. It’s a banana and toffee concoction, it should be spelled Banoffee. As made up words go, that’s pretty obvious.

But, I made this pie for the first time with a Welsh fried who was visiting us when our inn was brand spanking new to us, we were in the midst of bar construction and eating home, on the cheap, because every penny we had was being spent on this new venture. (We also kept the heat low, too low it turned out, for the construction months. Oh, the lessons we learned!) After she left and I decided I’d put this pie on the menu for opening night, I went looking for a recipe just to make sure I remembered what I was doing. And, I swear, it was spelled Banoffi. So I wrote it that way on our menu. And then, despite the fact that we set up our menu to change every week, Banoffi Pie stayed put. It stuck. Half the fun was that we had to explain it to everyone. It is just about the only menu item that never left the menu. (We tried to switch out the burger, but THAT didn’t go well. So the burger also stayed on the menu every week, except that one time.)

So it was spelled Banoffi. Which makes no sense. But, that’s just the way it’s staying. It’s too late now. We’ve sold our inn, the new owners occasionally make this pie, and they spell it Banoffee. Correctly, in the made-up word world. But now it means that Banoffi belongs to me. (And that long-lost cookbook that I can’t find anywhere.)

P.S. Did you ever hear about the time that we should have called it ‘Offee’ Pie? No? We did try and keep that to ourselves. I had to be away for a night so I left instructions with the kitchen crew (i.e. The Husband) about putting together a pie. I made them the crust, I made them the toffee, I left detailed instructions. (I mean, seriously, this pie has basically 4 ingredients.) I got back the next day and was checking the desserts to see what I needed to take care of when I noticed something odd about the Banoffi Pie….seemed a little deflated….sure did seem to be a lot of bananas still in the house….. Yes, they managed to forget the bananas in the BAN-offi Pie. And, yes, it had been served. And, no, no one complained. But I’ll feel badly about that pie for the rest of my life.

P.P.S. I did not invent this pie, not by a long shot. The gentleman who did died a few years ago. And, I’d like to point out that though the title of this Telegraph article calls it Banoffee, it is referred to as ‘banoffi’ later on! Hooray for me!

Banoffi Pie

Banoffi Pie

A ginger cookie crust topped with bananas, toffee and whipped cream.

Servings 6


  • 1 tin sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 oz unsalted butter melted
  • 7 oz crunchy cookies, finely crushed I use ginger snaps, most recipes call for a British cookie called digestive biscuits, you can use graham crackers...I bet those Biscoff cookies would work well...
  • 2-3 ripe bananas perfectly ripe ones, not too green, not too ripe
  • 1/2 pint heavy cream whipped (I whip the cream fairly stiff, not curdled, but I want it to hold it's shape)
  • chocolate shaved over the top for decoration


  1. OK, here is why all recipe writers tell you to read through your recipes before deciding to get started. The first, and most time-consuming, thing you need to do is put the unopened can of sweetened condensed milk in a pot on top of the stove, cover it with water, and boil for 3 1/2 hours. Top up the water occasionally (do NOT let the pot boil dry - that is a disaster you don't want any part of, believe me.) Remove the can from the water and let it cool completely. The good thing here is that you can do this ahead of time, like days ahead of time, you can even do a few cans at once so you're ready to go when you want to make more pie. So, boil your cans some day when you are home doing other things, at least a day before you actually want to make your pie.

  2. Mix the crushed cookies and the melted butter together. Press the mixture firmly into an 8in cake tin or a pie plate to make the base. Refrigerate for a bit to let it set.

  3. Open the tin of condensed milk, which will have turned into your toffee, and spread over the cookie base.

  4. Peel the bananas and slice and arrange in a layer over the toffee. Top with the whipped cream and then sprinkle with grated chocolate to decorate.

  5. Chill until ready to serve.


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5 thoughts on “Banoffi Pie”

  • It’s “a ginger cookie crust with sliced bananas, English toffee custard and whipped heavy cream, DELICIOUS!”
    …took me a while to get that description down, but now I’ll NEVER forget it!

    I would also add that the generous portion is good for two, but even better for one!

    ANND, that if eaten right before bed it will give you the MOST VIVID dreams, I swear!!

    Anyways, I’m obviously way to passionate about “Banoffi”, but it was the easiest “sell” I ever made…BANOFFI FOR EVERYONE!!!


  • Molly – So generous of you to share this recipe for a much-loved dessert. The real revelation this evening was when our Banoffi had been served and a guest remarked “I don’t think I’ve ever had my OWN piece of Banoffi!” It was like a rite of passage, to each have our own piece of Banoffi on our plate, with not five, but one spoon.

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