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My Dad stopped by the other day while I was baking. He was picking up his dog (Uncle Harley to our Pippa Jane – we call them The Squad when they are together) who had weekended with us while Dad weekended in NYC. He spotted the cookie jar and made a remark about how old it is and that the perfectly fitted wooden lid was made by ‘yours truly.’ See, I have mom’s cookie jar on my counter. I always think of it as mom’s cookie jar. It lived in mom’s house. Once I learned to read and then bake, if I wanted there to be cookies in the cookie jar, I had to make them. It was a good job to have. My parents divorced when I was quite young, but after about 17 years of marriage, and these people I come from, they don’t throw things out. Ever. So of course mom’s cookie jar had been THEIR cookie jar for a lot of years as well.

I pointed out the two big crocks I use for flour and sugar, with their obviously hand crafted wooden lids, and he made those lids too. Long before I was born. It could have been either of them though, they both would knock together or construct things for their houses with great ease. All of the homes I have known have been filled with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Built together, built separately, they both bought planks and nails and put up shelves wherever they went.

The last couple of months I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I have planned to. I keep putting it down to extra busy-ness, which is certainly true. My little baking business has launched itself quite nicely, I’m working on a few holiday projects, I was away for a week in October, hubby and I have done some catering, I’ve started working on a long-range project that I’ve been meaning to get to for a couple of years. But…..I also have not been taking as many ‘good’ pictures as I had hoped, I get busy trying new recipes and forget to photograph my progress, I alter a recipe and don’t take notes and then can’t quite remember the alteration so can’t share the recipe as I have made it. Maybe this is just the process of having this blog, it will alter and change as I alter and change.

I don’t knock together bookshelves wherever I go. (Though I’m reasonably sure I could – this is a lasting legacy of my upbringing – even if I don’t actually know how to do something, I’m pretty confident that I can figure it out if I need to or want to.) But I do stick to things that I have begun. (It takes a LOT for me not to finish a book I have begun. A LOT. I have done it, but not very often.) I do like starting new things (hello moving to new places, starting new knitting projects, planning new trips…) and can overwhelm myself with too many things at once but generally once I’ve started, I’ll be here until I do what I’ve promised to do. So, I’m still here, still plotting and planning and creating this little world as I go. Thanks for coming along for the ride.



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