Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

I have an internal conundrum each year around the holidays. Which is only compounded by the arrival of Pinterest in the world. I love to look at all the pictures of simple, Scandinavian inspired holiday decor. Hygge could be a personal motto of mine. The cool grey tones and cozy fabrics. The white candles. Touches of red or silver. So inviting, so warm and so simple.

The conundrum is that I love a sentimental Christmas ornament. Love them. The handmade ones from childhood? Love them. The handmade ones from other people’s children that are now all grown up? Love them. The souvenirs from various places traveled to or gifts from other people’s travels. Love them all. Love that the tree ends up being a giant storytelling machine, full of little remnants of past times, stories and occasions. So very, very NOT minimal.

This year, the hubby has even decided he wants one of those disco balls in the front yard (and the side yard) projecting falling snow onto the front of our house. We live on a dead end dirt road. These lights will only be seen if we hang out in our own yard on cold Vermont eveings. Or by the coyotes and deer in the field in front of us. But you know what? I love them. I love that there is a production to Christmas, I love that he went to Target five times over the course of a weekend in the city a few weeks ago. I love to tease him for all of this, but I love it.

Minimal Scandinavian cool is my go-to, but the holidays? They need some good old fashioned bling and nostalgia and bad taste.

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  • Love it our tree is always filled with years of memories- ornaments that say grandchild’s first Xmas and now are almost 40 years old. Ornaments bought in the strangest places like Oman decorated with camels ,African beaded angels ,glass stars sent by a daughter across the globe. That is what makes our beautiful tree – memories.

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