December 26 should be a holiday everywhere

December 26 should be a holiday everywhere

The two other countries where I have lived – England and Ireland – consider December 26 a holiday. It’s Boxing Day in the UK and St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland. In either country it is a fitting end to the hectic Christmas season. An extra day with little or no expectations attached to it. Eat leftovers in your jammies, watch back (to back to back) footie games, knit, read, nap, eat more leftovers. We all need this day. I am going to write this post (in my jammies) and then putter around the house. I love the word ‘putter’. One of those words that sounds exactly like what it is.

  • The truth is that December has been wonderfully busy – with business and fun – and that posting on this here blog has fallen by the wayside, again. I have some business goals for 2019 that I need to get to work on but more blog posts is on the list, so hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me again!
  • This item will have to be bookmarked for next year – I really wanted a reason to make this Ugly Christmas Sweater Pie but I missed out. Next year. Or maybe there are other holidays we could adapt into ugly sweater holidays? I did make this Holiday Star Bread – completely certain that it would taste great and look not-so-great – and I was wrong! It tasted and looked fantastic. If you follow me over on Instagram you will have witnessed my self-satisfaction a few days ago.
  • I read an interesting article on the Rise of Anxiety Baking – about just that, that we as a nation are reporting higher levels of anxiety, year-on-year, over the last couple of years. And that baking can be very relaxing. It requires you to get your hands dirty, focus closely on a recipe and you get something delicious in the end. Even better – most likely it is something you can share with others. All things that help reduce anxiety – focus, sharing, working with your hands and when all else fails – eating a sweet, sugary treat. Winter is a perfect time to try this theory out, because baking on a snow day is a requirement in my book.
  • Did you know that flannel hasn’t been actually made in the USA for years? Decades even. I don’t know where you live but up here in Vermont, flannel shirts are dress clothes, farm clothes, everyday clothes and cozy clothes. They may be a requirement for residency. It’s a long article and a fascinating explanation of the ins and outs of the clothing manufacturing business but this man, Bayard Winthrop, and his company, American Giant, made this a quest. (Spoiler: They did it.)
  • I didn’t get down to Philadelphia (where I did a good stint of growing up) this holiday season and boy oh boy did I miss out on this! The Largest Wawa in the Universe just opening in Center City and it is supposedly magnificent. Wawa is a Philly thing, the Philly version of the corner convenience store. Locals get pretty passionate about the coffee and the sandwiches and just about everything else. It’s definitely on my list for next time I’m home.
  • Back to life here at the tail end of 2018 and I’m playing with new recipes. (There’s a sign that the holidays are over!) I had spare dough this morning and I’m starting to plan some savory breakfast items. For now I’m trying out shapes and sizes and making lists of possible fillings. Any ideas, shoot them my way!

More soon – I have a couple of recipes that have been requested for sharing and I’m working on photos and getting those typed up and then we’ll see where 2019 takes me – thanks for following along!

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