Is It Really Monday Again?

Is It Really Monday Again?

I am really not quite sure how a week went by without any other posts here. But, this is a new week! There will be new things! As for last week, our monster heatwave broke just in time for me to make all these party cakes. Because when I tell you that one summer when we owned the Inn and I was making a large Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake for a bridal shower and the temperature was 90+ and those layers would not stay on top of one another even with the use of our walk-in cooler and it was nearly a disaster and it was nowhere near as pretty as I wanted it to be and I cried, a lot, I am telling you a true story. I really didn’t want that to happen again. Thank you overnight low of 45, just in time.

  • Just in case you are imagining that all I did last week was take cold showers, sit under ceiling fans and stare at the wall (though there was a fair amount of that), I did get a good start on the website for Banoffi & Such. It is still very much a work in progress. (And let me tell you, I am learning as I go. I do not have one single web development bone in my body. Whew.) Mostly it needs photographs and I am working on those. And it needs more tinkering, I’m not happy with the header image. And maybe figuring out how to actually have an order form on the website? I might be getting ahead of myself there. Anyway, check it out. Any and all feedback is welcome.
  • For a household that was not interested in the 2018 World Cup and was disillusioned with their home country’s team….there has been a awful lot of World Cup watching. I’m just saying. England has made it to the semi-finals, the final four teams. There is just the glimmer of hopefulness around here. The hubby is almost exactly as old as you can possibly be to never have seen England win the World Cup. They last won it the year before he was born. Is Football Coming Home? This video will make him tear up, guaranteed. Right now though, it is this new spoof that he loves the most. (Go England!)
  • I read an interesting article about the recent movies made about Mister Rogers and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (not the same movie, two different movies…) They are both documentaries and are doing remarkably, unprecedentedly, well at box offices across the country. One theory? That this country’s current political climate and public behavior are creating a real desire for films about decent, kind, generous people. No matter what your political leanings. That’s a good sign, as far as I’m concerned.
  • And reading this article is just preaching to the choir for me, I have been a voracious reader since I figured out how it worked. The family story is that Mom and Dad were reading us the Little House on the Prairie books and I got frustrated with the pace and taught myself how to read so I could move along ahead. Can Reading Make You Happier? The short answer is yes and that there are many of us who have been self-medicating with books for our entire lives. I’m not here to preach, we all do what we do, but I know I couldn’t live without my nose in a book at some point of every single day.

And for those of you paying attention, I did run a race yesterday, I did not place anywhere remotely near the top of my age category this time, the day was a gorgeous one for an early morning run and Vermont is hilly – did you know that? I knew that and still, those were some hills! Have a great week.

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