Just Another Manic Monday

Just Another Manic Monday

Channelling a little of The Bangles this morning as we prepare to head out on a vacation later this week. I’ve got that running list in my head, you know the one: what you need to pack for the dog to go to your Dad’s, where are the instructions for the remote control, when do you imagine the hubby will actually start packing, and do you think you’ll actually work out while you’re away and so do you need your running shoes? I channeled some of that energy into making this cake yesterday – more on that for a future post – but isn’t it fun, once in a while, to be an adult and do the things your parents never would allow you to do? Like have/make/eat a cake this frivolous? As for the other things rolling around in my head:

  • Just the title of this article caught my eye: Steven Pinker recommends books to make you an optimist. I am an optimist at heart. Just this morning I was saying that I really can’t abide listening to extreme negativity. That snarly, sarcastic, combative tone that some people get when they are making a point that they believe in deeply. I’m no ostrich, I think it’s important to be informed but I also want to be hopeful more of the time than not.
  • I’ve had cake on the brain this week (see above photo…) but did you know that Chocolate Biscuit Cake is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite cake?! I just read that this week! Shoreham Inn customers will remember Fudgy Chocolate Biscuit Cake, my take on this UK favorite. We’ve also been watching The Crown and I just feel so close to royalty.
  • I have a baking experiment I want to try (keeping it a secret for now – that way if it fails, no one needs to know) but I’ve been searching high and low for a baked donut recipe that I have used in the past and cannot for the life of me remember where it came from. It’s making me crazy. Yes, there are probably too many cookbooks in this house. They were really tasty, without the frying. I have a general, unfounded, fear of frying. I come from a non-frying family, the whole process makes me nervous.
  • Speaking of cookbooks, I just heard about this cookbook – Salted Caramel Dreams – do I need it? I do have a thing about caramel. In this week of cakes I did make a Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake for a lucky birthday girl – another all-time inn favorite. A whole book of salted caramel….hmmm.
  • I read this interesting article about assimilation food. This is the food that immigrants end up making in new places. The food that uses available ingredients and sense memories from home and how it becomes a whole new cuisine. It’s the food that bridges the gap between home and this new, strange place. And then, with time, this new food becomes the comfort food that is craved. It just got me thinking about comfort foods in general and how weird and specific they can be. And how intensely food and memory are linked. And how it’s sometimes only once you are outside your home environment that you even realize how strange your comfort foods are. Like, for instance, cottage cheese and applesauce. A food combination my mother invented for her picky, non-protein-eating child. It wasn’t until grocery shopping with roommates in college that I realized this was not something everyone (or anyone, really) would eat for lunch.
  • I want to fly to the UK immediately so I can collect all the new 10p coins! Someone in the coin department has a fantastic sense of humor. There are 26 new styles, each with a letter of the alphabet on the back and a symbol for what that letter stands for. (Like the kids books where A is for Apple, but better!) Z is for ‘Zebra Crossing’, N is for ‘NHS’, F is for ‘Fish and Chips’, B is for ‘Bond…James Bond’. I’m in love.
  • I want these new St. Patrick’s Day running shoes for no other reason than, look at them! They are not the brand of shoe I run in. (Runners get very particular about their shoes. I’ve been wearing Asics Gel Nimbus [like the Harry Potter broom…..only reason I can remember their name] for years and am sure my legs would fall off if I had to change.) But these are so cute!
  • And for my last Monday thought, I’ll leave you with this YouTube clip of a Philadelphia Eagles fan standing up for her team. The thing you need to know here is that this is Ms. Tittle. She was my high school homeroom and gym teacher. And I was terrified of her. (The way you are of all the very best teachers.) She also taught Health (Sex Ed) class and brought a briefcase full of the ‘Weapons of Defense’ to be passed around. Legendary.

I am enjoying this blog and the conversations it has created. I’m also going to give a little shout out to the village it takes to write a blog. For those of you who have messaged me when you spot a spelling mistake – thank you! From the bottom of my English-professor-raised heart. There is no embarrassment greater to imagine than being caught out in the world having committed a grammatical atrocity. Big love.

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