Last August Monday

Last August Monday

It’s the last Monday in August and this hot summer isn’t done with us yet. There’s a heat advisory in the forecast for tomorrow and I’m showing you a picture of my most recent knitting project. Nope, no idea what is wrong with me. I’ve been knitting up a storm all throughout this hot, hot summer – and not lightweight, cotton, summer knits – chunky, cosy fall sweaters and hats and scarves and things that I can’t show you because they are gifts! But this sweater is for me and I am ready for the weather to match. (And yes, I remember that late, hot September we had last year so I won’t hold my breath!)

  • Great story in our local paper this week about a ‘take it or leave it’ farmstand. I love this idea! People can drop off any extra produce they have from their gardens and they can take anything that is there. No price, no requirement for one or the other. Just an efficient idea for how to spread around the gardening wealth. It’s the brainstorm of a Lincoln, VT resident but has turned into a real community effort. I just love the simplicity of the whole idea. We had a next door neighbor at the Inn who used to grow an enormous garden and for most of August/September there was a crate of tomatoes on his side porch, complete with shopping bags, there for the taking.
  • Did you read the interview with the founder of Chobani yogurt? It’s a short piece but, again, full of the kind of simple, straightforward, goodness that I like to notice in this world. He’s known for paying living wages and hiring recent immigrants. He feels that you have to get involved, that you can’t solve everything, but it’s better to try to stand for something. And, as an immigrant himself, he talks about the magical place that America has always held in the world: “This magic that still exists in this country, this cannot be taught to someone. This cannot be implemented by the political system. Someone as strange as me can come to upstate New York and say: “You know what? I can bring that yogurt factory back.” There’s this unexplainable thing in the air that this country has. If it is damaged, this would be the saddest thing.”
  • Last weekend’s New York Times had a feature on the southwest Irish coast and I probably shouldn’t mention it here because the hubby has got a serious itch for an Ireland trip. His sister and our nephew have just returned home after spending their summer holidays in the place they all call home and he is beyond jealous. It really is as beautiful as the pictures, even this article agrees.
  • And then there is this piece of media genius: #shareyourrejections. People all over Twitter have been using the hashtag to share their experiences of rejection and it is heartwarming to say the least. It started with a writer but quickly multiplied to people from all kinds of professions. In this fast-paced, have-it-all-right-now world we live in it’s a great reminder about how slowly progress can actually show up in our lives. Keep on keeping on, the no’s might teach you something or they might just mean you haven’t found the right place yet but no one gets anywhere without them.

Have a great last week of August and I hope you have the Labor Day weekend plans of your dreams, whatever that might be. Me, I’ll be baking and floating around on my pond and having one last summer lunch on a lake and leaving some time open for a surprise or two.

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