Before I do my weekend brain dump here, I must start with – Philadelphia! Now, I am no true football fan. If I’m being very honest, I kind of don’t understand what is happening most of the time (I mean, I get the basic idea, but the numbers and downs business……I get a little lost). We just weren’t a football family and then I went to an all girls high school and then I managed to go to a Big Ten school in the midst of the longest losing streak (in history? I’m not sure, I have not done that research. We were the laughing stock in my years, that’s for sure.) But, we moved to Philadelphia when I was 12 years old and I have a little soft spot. Even then, I remember learning in school that Philadelphia was the 4th largest city in America (I believe Houston has bumped it down to 5th at some point since then) and being surprised. Surprised, even at 12 years old, because I think we all forget about Philly when we talk about the big cities of the US. I still think it’s true today. So this underdog angle they played when they made it to the Super Bowl? I think it’s a Philadelphia thing, not just an Eagles thing. Philadelphia is a scrappy city, it’s dirty and big and loud and rundown in places. It’s also unbelievably beautiful, maintains an enormous network of parkland throughout the city, is full of history and diversity and still surprises me every time I go back. So, yay Philadelphia on that Super Bowl win.

(The photo above is from the top of the block where I grew up. I took it last year when it struck me how much it makes me feel like I am home. That sign and some coffee with way too much cream from Mrs. Kim’s place, Goldenberg Peanut Chews, a thumping car stereo somewhere, walking a dog in Bluebell Woods and a trip to the Produce Market. And, yes, Pastor Fernwood M. Jones has been the pastor on that sign for all the years I’ve known it.)

  • I read this funny piece about the Life Changing Magic of Clogs and thought again about my love/love relationship with clogs. It all started in the 70’s when I wanted a pair of clogs more than anything else. We were not a family that spent money on frivolous clothes and most often did not get what we wished for. (No Gloria Vanderbilt jeans came my way either). So, I didn’t get those longed-for clogs. But I did go out and buy myself a pair when I was about 22 (they were dark purple, with a dark wood sole and I got them in Harvard Square) and have had at least one pair in my closet ever since. (This would make a better story if I could have said, ‘and so with my very first paycheck I bought myself a pair of clogs’…but that would be an exaggeration.) I’ve just recently spent a number of years wearing clogs in one of the traditional ways – working in a kitchen – but the truth is, I just love them. (Great excuse to clog shop though. Finally, they were for work!) How exciting that #cloglife is a thing, and makes me one of the cool kids right now, but truth is I’ve just been appeasing my inner 12 year old all this time.
  • I had dinner with friends at Vergennes Laundry last week. (For the third time! Which makes me sound a little stalker-ish. Especially since I really don’t go out much.) It is under new ownership and it is really, really good. I haven’t tried brunch/lunch yet but dinner is creative and tasty and full of good ideas. And the service is terrific.
  • I live in a small town with the very best library in all the land. Truly, the Platt Memorial Library is so active and connected to the community, we are very lucky here in Shoreham. The 6th Annual Maple Fest is going on next weekend and I’ll be making maple treats this week (and anyone else is welcome to join in, it’s a contest!) Tasting the treats is free, voting for your favorite is where the money gets spent and there is a great paper bag raffle too. Small town, wintertime entertainment at its best.
  • Bon Appétit magazine posted a photo on Instagram about eggs with double yolks and the magical powers they bestow upon the finder. No lie – one morning, in innkeeping life, hubby and I opened a carton of a dozen (local, organic) eggs and EVERY SINGLE ONE had a double yolk. We thought aliens had arrived.
  • And two things from yesterday’s New York Times. First this article about the booming book publishing business in Afghanistan, a country with very low literacy rates. I just can’t help but think this is a good sign. I also do believe that reading books can fix just about anything that goes wrong in the world. And I realize that’s naive, but it’s how I feel.
  • Lastly, there was this. About people who are creating a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico. I would just like to say, I am a pretty smart person. I read a lot. I pay attention. I try to understand the world around me. I also have a theory that maybe there comes a point in everyone’s life when progress goes too far beyond an ability to comprehend. And from that point we just start to get a little older every day. Trying to stay informed and stay in the game is the goal, but the day will come for us all. I used to think that the 3D printer was going to be my stumbling block. Last week I realized, it might be Bitcoin. Because I read articles like this one and, honestly, they start to seem like random words strung together. (I mean, the guy in the odd hat who talks to trees didn’t help.) I can’t figure out if this blockchain/bitcoin mumbo jumbo is comprehensible or if I am actually getting too old for it.

We got some more snow overnight and I have cake-baking plans in my future so life is good at the moment. Wishing you all a good week too.


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