Monday Monday

Monday Monday

Let’s see, what are the things that got me thinking over the past week?

  • Stranger Things. I’m always late to a party, especially when it’s a TV party, but hoo wee, we have been enjoying this show! The 80’s fashion, the music, the geeky kids who will save the world, led by a bad ass girl – so great. My treadmill running show is Grey’s Anatomy, if you must know how seriously out of sync I am with the world. I think I’m on about season 4.
  • I’ve been a little obsessed with Linda Lomelino and her site Call Me Cupcake. Her photography inspires me (and makes me jealous.) Her recipes are all so creative and look so beautiful. I made the blood orange poppyseed cake last week and the glaze was the most amazing shade of pink, no food coloring needed.
  • I’ve been thinking about how to find more readers for this blog, other than my closest friends and family. And let me tell you, that’s a Google rabbit hole you can get quickly lost down. Endless (repetitive) ‘advice’ for how to increase readership. For now, I’ll be sticking with you, my lovely friends.
  • Olympics! I’ve loved ice skating since I was tiny. As a kid in Wisconsin we skated all winter on the pond at the local park. I ¬†skate as naturally as I walk (nothing too fancy, no spinning and jumping, but I can go backwards pretty well.) In 7th grade, ice skating on a Friday night was THE thing to do. (No, I was not one of the cool kids, can you tell? But I had great friends and we loved to skate.) When rollerblades came into the world I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. (My friends all chipped in and got me a pair for my 21st birthday [nope, still wasn’t a cool kid….] and they were like twin, white, cement blocks. But, oh how I loved them!) Back to the Olympics, and that dedication and commitment, it’s just inspiring, no matter what the sport. I could watch it all.
  • I read this article about a book called The Lost Words. It’s a collection of poems and paintings celebrating words from nature that are being used less and less. It looks beautiful (and I’ve ordered myself a copy) but now a bus driver from Scotland has started a crowdfunding campaign to make sure this book gets to every single school child in Scotland. Yay for books and nature.
  • Speaking of poetry, we had my Dad’s dog with us for a few days last week. (Dad’s a poet, that was the connection there.) Dad was in New York City doing research for a biography he’s writing. Dad also turned 83 last week. Here is Dad’s website. Yay for super cool dads everywhere.
  • I’ve been a knitter most of my life. I have no specific memory of Mom teaching me to knit, but I also have no memories of not knowing how to knit. I go through phases of doing more or less knitting. I’m in the midst of a bit of an obsession, since I went on a knitting trip with a friend last summer (to Iceland! Hubby likes to call it my Extreme Knitting trip.) I’m not obsessed like these camouflage knitters, but I do spend an inordinate about of time looking at pictures of things I’d like to make, making things and planning the next things I’d like to make. (And yarn, all the lovely yarn.)

That’s enough for this week. Banoffi & Such has a big order for Wednesday delivery, so that’s fun. And please send good thoughts this way, the fabulous Philippa Jane Francis (aka Pippa, dog extraordinaire) goes for ACL surgery on Thursday. Poor baby girl.

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