Monday Mush for Brains

Monday Mush for Brains

Well goodness gracious me. This heat has melted my brain cells and my motivation and pretty much most of my personality. So, I don’t have a lot to contribute to today. Last week was really busy, this week is thankfully not, but I’m having a hard time focusing on much of anything.

  • Here in Vermont we’re in the midst of a week of 90 degree+ weather. Yesterday afternoon my weather app said it was ’98 degrees, feels like 115′, and today is supposed to be hotter. The black furry dog pants all day (and night) no matter how many times we put her in the lake/pond/under the hose.
  • Above weather is exactly why I have zero concentration or motivation. I honestly don’t know how people do it who live in hot climates.
  • Hubby and I did cater a bit of a shindig on Saturday and I made these (see picture) fantastic Portable Party Pie bars. Strawberry, naturally. I immediately added them to the Banoffi & Such menu offering. (oooo, by the way, my new business cards and bakery box stickers arrived this week! They are the coolest! Thanks again to The Image Farm.) We also attended our town’s annual Strawberry Festival last week where having strawberry shortcake for dinner is required.
  • Now that I have business cards and look just a little more official, I need to get my new Banoffi & Such website up and running, stat! But this heat….my brain….uggg.
  • I am running another race this weekend (The Mad Marathon – but no, I’m not doing the whole big thing, not this time) and I cannot tell you how relieved I am that the forecast goes from highs of 95 to highs of 75 just in time. Welcome back Vermont.
  • I’m meeting my bestie-but-we’re-too-old-to-use-that-term in Weston this week to see a friend of hers in Our Town at The Weston Playhouse. We’re B&Bing for the night. (This might be the first time I’ve stayed in a B&B since selling mine….hmmm……) Yay for fun summer activities! Bonus, I’ve just learned that Christopher Lloyd is playing the Narrator!

OK, the sun is on the move, meaning my office is about to get hit and I must retire to a lower, darker part of this house. Note to self: Trees. We need trees. Closer to the house. Big ones. For shade.

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