Monday Musings

Monday Musings

I’ve been wearing a sweatshirt for two days and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m going to go get apples and apple cider this week and bake some apple cakes and I’m going to enjoy this afternoon’s rain and I know summer isn’t quite done with us yet but I’m liking the look of my little pumpkins turning orange in the back yard.

  • I’ve known about this for a while, but did you know the Orwell Village School has an outdoor classroom? I just think it’s great use of the resources that surround a rural school. Just like the resources available in big cities were used in the schools I grew up attending. (In 6th grade we had gym classes at the local YMCA – we had bowling! And swimming!) There is talk in my town about what to do with a large piece of town land and I’d love to think it could get linked to school use for some part of its usage.
  • I liked this short article, about a bookstore in Brattleboro that is donating books to the local police department for people who are detained overnight. I guess I am always for getting books into people’s hands.
  • There is a tiny restaurant in Maine, called The Lost Kitchen, that only serves 45 people a night, four nights a week, and I don’t think they are open in the winter. They have become unaccountably successful and have struggled with how to deal with reservations requests, etc. This year they decided that people could only make requests via postcard and then they would choose out of a grab bag. They received 20,000 postcards. As the owner says, she wasn’t trying to be cool or overly precious, she was just trying to figure out how to survive. It’s interesting to think about how to manage to keep doing what you love to do, but in a way that maintains it being something you love. Success can certainly be a blessing and a curse.
  • Related to last week’s blog post about my cinnamon sugar obsession, cinnamon sugar requests have started to pile up in my inbox, so I’m not the only one who loves the cinnamon sugar! Maybe the switch in the weather? It definitely feel like time to think about cinnamon. These Cinnamon Brown Butter Breakfast Puffs will be an experiment very soon. And I think I’ve got my pull-apart muffins figured out, maybe even enough so that they will make a public debut later this week?

I’ve got a busy week ahead with the Platt Library’s 10th Annual Apple Fest happening on Sunday and all the various chores that are in my head related to that! We’re debuting a road race/walk that day as well and the forecast looks helpful (though it could stay a little cooler, that would be fine with be – and all the runners, I’m sure! Hope you enjoy your first week of fall weather too!

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