Monday Thoughts

Monday Thoughts

I feel like this regular Monday post needs a catchier title than just ‘Monday’. I almost typed Monday Musings, but that seems kitschy. Anyway, Monday Thoughts it is for today, but I’m not sold on it.

  • It’s been a good week, Banoffi & Such had fun yesterday sending out several orders of Sunday morning treats to various households in Shoreham. While I am by no means an ‘old bakehouse’ yet, it was fun to be busy! Getting orders is highlighting the things that still need to be done. I need my logo finalized so I can stop drawing on the boxes and I had planned to do a little photo shoot with the cranberry vanilla muffins except a last minute order meant they all disappeared, warm, before photo time.
  • A friend sent me a cookbook, Bread is Gold, as a surprise and I’m in love with it. The book itself is gorgeous but the concept is one I keep coming back to in the past number of months. This book focuses on using ‘wasted’ food to make truly delicious creations. These tops Italian chefs use food waste to create original, inventive meals and then feed them to homeless people but in a more fine dining setting. I know all about the Rooster Soup Company in Philadelphia that does something similar with food waste. When I first read this New York Times article about this organization, that sends chefs to disaster areas (Puerto Rico was were I first became aware of it) because food, and the delivery of food to masses of people, is an essential part of disaster relief, it just all makes a whole lot of common sense to me.
  • The husband spent an inordinate amount of time explaining the existence of the cornet horn to me. (This is because he is awaiting a long-delayed package and he has put in a request with our postmaster that when it arrives, there will be cornets playing. Just in case you think small town life gets dull.) We had to watch you tube videos demonstrations. I decided I like the flugle horn purely because I like saying it.
  • The news has been full of the USA gymnastics scandal, and it is horrifying. But this judge, Rosemarie Aquilina. She is everything you want the law to be.
  • Foote’s Diner in Port Henry, NY re-opened after a couple month’s hiatus. We met my dad there for breakfast over the weekend (it’s become a regular of ours since it’s almost a perfect halfway point) and if you are in search of THE BEST breakfast sandwich, look no further. It’s really down to the roll, but they are magically delicious.
  • And, in case there aren’t enough people in the world I wish I could be when I grow up, I read all about Dervla Murphy who has been traveling adventurously and being exactly her own person for 86 years.

Have a delicious week.


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