Monday Went to the Races

Monday Went to the Races

The end of this summer is roaring along at full speed – whew! Parties! Weddings! Theater! Dog-sitting! Running! Library event planning! Baking!

  • I did actually read some things that I wanted to share with you yesterday morning but somehow I’ve hit the ground running this week and I can’t seem to slow down. I will tell you that I saw the RBG movie last week and just loved it. LOVED it. For many reasons; it was inspirational and informative and kind-hearted and even-handed. And selfishly I will also tell you that RBG and my mom bear more than just a passing resemblance to one another in many, many ways.
  • The hubby and I went to the Saratoga races yesterday and did not win a penny. It’s all $2 bets for us, except our last race when hub wanted a $5 boxed exacta bet (I know, I hardly know what I’m talking about here…) so I decided to forego my $2 win bet on #4. #4 that I had chosen because of the jockey’s pretty pink and green silks with shamrocks. You can probably imagine what happened. I missed out on my $10 winnings. I really don’t have the heart of a gambler but him…he could get dangerous.
  • Banoffi & Such baked goods can now be found two mornings a week at Buxton’s General Store in Orwell! Mondays and Thursdays. Wowee! I mean, it was a delivery of one dozen muffins yesterday morning but it felt like so much more than that, so exciting, a little bit nervous….
  • This leads to my next plan – I’m going to start playing around in the kitchen, specifically with morning/breakfast baked goods. I’ll share recipes and successes and failures as I go along. I’m looking to expand my repertoire beyond the skewed-to-the-slightly-healthy breakfast baked goods I got so used to making for the Inn. I need a few more decadent things in my rotation. Good thing I am also marathon-training at the moment because this could get ugly. I’ve got my eye on croissants and monkey bread and danish and cinnamon rolls and more.
  • Meanwhile the zucchini are multiplying, the tomatoes are really hitting their stride and it looks like I’m going to have at last two homegrown pumpkins this fall! I find planting a pumpkin seed and arriving at an actual pumpkin kind of miraculous. It somehow seems so unlikely.

Anyway, sorry to keep this so brief but I’m a day late already – I’m off to do errands and vote and get my hair cut and my well-water tested – another action packed August 2018 day.

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