Mondays Really are Wonder Full

Mondays Really are Wonder Full

Today is a particularly good Monday, because it’s the day before tomorrow and that is when the 17-years-delayed trip to Italy with some of the best people in the whole wide world commences! Seventeen years ago, I had just moved from Ireland to London and we got to concocting this plan to all rent a house in Tuscany. I could do all the legwork since I had access to more information (like, I had brochures from rental companies….seems so ancient now, doesn’t it?!) We chose a place, we chose dates, we set a budget. Some friends had no babies yet, some had tiny babies that were easily left with grandparents. We were actually going to make this work! Our first deposit was due….in October….of 2001. Nope, no one felt they could put money down on a big trip to Europe in the weeks following Sept 11. Even though the trip wasn’t until Spring of 2002, everything was so uncertain. So it was cancelled and life went along it’s merry way. And here we are, making it happen in spring of 2018 instead! The kids are almost all fully grown, the house is in Umbria and we’re off tomorrow!

  • So this article I read this morning in the New York Times, Are My Friends Really My Friends?, seemed specifically chosen for me. It makes a lot of points that I have made over the years but I particularly like the phrase about the level of ‘friendship thickness’ that existed pre-internet/social media. These are some thick friends, these friends of mine.
  • I’m not a maudlin or depressive person and so I’m not going to dwell on this point. But this article about how long it can take for grief to let go after a death struck a little hard on Mother’s Day. It’s been more than two years since my mother died and she was not a mother who even really cared about Mother’s Day but I will say that grief is a strange attack beast. Sneaky. The minefield analogy is not inaccurate. The explosion sites are hidden and random and impossible to plan for.
  • Instead, we will dwell on this – how eyeglasses could improve the lives of billions of people. As an eyeglass wearer since the age of 5 and one who would have been diagnosed ‘legally blind’ as a young child had correction not been available (and whose nightmares almost always involve an element of not being able to see things properly) I say, let’s do this. It’s one of those solutions that seem so simple in a world where there are people fighting huge demons, that some fixes could be so ‘small’.
  • Or how about Knitted Knockers? Knitted breast prostheses for breast cancer survivors.
  • That could combine doing something for a very good cause and making sure you spent some time on a hobby. The Case for Having a Hobby makes some excellent points about doing a thing just for the sake of doing it. You don’t have to be the best at it. You don’t have to turn it into a side gig. A hobby is just for you, for turning off your work brain, for doing something that makes you happy. Sounds nice, right?

Must go, there is packing and convincing the hubby to start packing and dog drop-off to Dad and cleaning and checking my lists twice to be done. Have a great week, I know I will.

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