Mucky Monday

Mucky Monday

Hoo-wee is it miserable outside today. Rain and ice rain and sleet rain and snow ice. My house, car, driveway, road are all completely encased in a nice thick layer of ice. I know spring is out there because I just caught sight of a few green shoots struggling through the ice and remembered that I planted tons of bulbs last fall! I just hope they can hang on.

  • In honor of the Boston Marathon, (and also because there is nothing pretty to take pictures of here today…) this photo is from a recent vacation in Bequia, when we happened to be there on National Heroes Day. It’s a nationwide holiday to celebrate all their heroes, in all fields. There are all kinds of events on the various islands that make up St. Vincent and the Grenadines and on Bequia they have this island-wide sports competition at The Stand (what they call this stadium). All the schools compete, all ages, in all kinds of athletics. I love the energy and excitement of sports events.
  • The Boston Marathon is today and in case you don’t follow this kind of thing, the Americans are STRONG this year. The American women in particular. It’ll be an exciting race. (Well, except that Boston is also not having great weather today. I’m pretty glad I was running in my basement this morning instead of out in those elements.) I’ve run a few marathons and qualifying for Boston (most races do not require you to qualify, most are happy to take your entrance money, but Boston is special) is a dream of mine. There are strict guidelines for gender, age and time and you have to have done a previous marathon within those time limits (your BQ, as it’s known). My only real hope is to keep running until I’m old-old, since I don’t foresee getting much faster anytime soon. But a goal is a goal, right?
  • Dip for dinner. Isn’t that an appealing headline for an article? Now it turns out this particular dip recipe is light and fresh and may even be considered healthy (and, again, this weather does not make a plate of vegetables look enticing). One of my favorite styles of dinner is all kinds of little bits and nibbles and things to assemble. When we owned a restaurant, we found this was somewhat universally true. People love food you have to play with. Tacos, antipasto plates, do-it-yourself garlic bread. Is it childish? Maybe? Is it all the various flavors? I think so. Is it the sharing of these kinds of meals? Probably. But give me a chopping board loaded with cheese and meats and dips and vegetables and a sauce or two and I’m a happy customer. Add homemade dips to that mix.
  • I’ve been spending more time discovering blogs I admire and enjoy. I love looking at the photos and reading other people’s recipes or stories and thinking about their focus or motivations for doing this funny activity of writing and recording in a public forum, but for who? Or how many? There are some outstanding blogs out there. This particular post caught my eye this week, from Cardamom and Tea, about recording family recipes. It’s a great post in general, though it’s the photos that make me envious. Of the shared activity, of the history, of the dishes or ingredients that I’ve never even heard of.
  • It’s possible that Book Therapist is (one of) my dream job(s). I mean, I’m not sure I would actually want to be responsible for telling people what to read, but the idea that books can heal or make you feel more connected to something or understood in a larger way? I’m all over that.
  • A friend recently told me about this new website, Gastro Obscura and, excuse me, but I’m going to be very, very busy this week.  A pub in rural Pennsylvania that holds it’s own Olympics? An art exhibition devoted to The Potato?? A Transylvanian cake that is spit-roasted??? Maybe it’s a good thing the weather is going to be pretty rotten all week, this may take a while.

Here’s to Spring, wherever she is!

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