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Muddling Through Monday

Muddling Through Monday

I’ve been feeling a lot like this photo recently, wanting to make things. Is it Spring being so close? I’ve got three knitting projects on the go, two sewing projects in my head, though the fabric is pulled out and on the sewing table and an embroidery project that I have been meaning to get to FOREVER. Recipes to try out. Never mind the garden that is starting to whisper to me too. Anyway, here’s to using all the creative energy!

  • The other kind of energy that crops up this time of year? Running! Outside again! I mean, I am thoroughly engrossed by Grey’s Anatomy on the treadmill but it is time to shake off the basement cobwebs and get some fresh air. So I got myself a new pair of running sunglasses. They are from Goodr. The color I chose is ‘Flamingos on a Booze Cruise’. Yesssss.
  • I’ve been researching Coq au Vin recipes. Hubby has received a special request (with recipe provided) but the researcher that lives in my soul always wants to read everything there is to read about a subject before choosing the best course of action. It can be exhausting and pointless but often fascinating. Meanwhile, hubby will just be making it up as he goes along. This is also a description of our entire relationship.
  • In my ongoing fascination with food and the effect it can have on so many aspects of a life, this article caught my eye about a study that shows that home-delivered meals for at-risk populations could cut down on emergency room visits. And think of the cost difference between the two. And the simplicity.
  • Talk about a feature that is after my own heart. The New York Times has a feature called The Week in Good News. It’s been around for a while but I just stumbled on it last week. I’ve said this before, I do think it’s important to be informed – and widely informed – but it’s also important to measure out how much distressing news you can take in without feeling like the world is an all-bad place. Because it’s not. It really, really isn’t.
  • Photography is another of the things that fascinate me. (Do you ever make the list of what you would be if you could do life over again? Typical me, I can’t choose just one do-over life, but photographer would be one. Do you ever start making lists like this and then think ‘But I’m having a pretty awesome life as it is?’ That’s a good feeling.) Anyway, this photographer, Markus Brunetti has a series of photos of European places of worship that are stunning. I don’t fully understand all the technicalities of how he’s made them so enormous and so detailed but they are mind-boggling. (I’m also kind of fascinated by churches and temples. For a child who was raised with no religion, it’s a little odd maybe?)
  • At the other end of the spectrum, those things that never get noticed but when they are, are actually kind of beautiful? This Instagram photos series of the logos that are on wheelie bins across the UK. Talk about having an eye. I love the basic idea of finding beauty, or maybe individuality is a better word, in mundane things.
  • And in the coolest news amongst my friends this week – a movie! My friend has written a movie and it comes out on Friday the 13th! This is big-time awesome and I am so excited for him. Yay Michael! Go see Truth or Dare!
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