Rollercoaster Mondays

Rollercoaster Mondays

My goodness, the rollercoaster of weather we are having here in Vermont! A lot of folks got snow again last night but the forecast says 80 for Wednesday. And so much rain. It is, for sure, going to be really, really green in just a minute.

  • Met my Dad for breakfast over in Port Henry, NY. It’s a nearly perfect meeting point between his house and mine. But more importantly it is home to Foote’s Diner, home of the best breakfast sandwich on the whole entire planet. (I’ve probably mentioned this before, I’m sure it won’t be the last time either.) Seriously, the veggie breakfast sandwich, with home fries and coffee, $5.50. Great service. In an old train car. Like a real Diner, diner. So great.
  • The man who created Schoolhouse Rock died this week. I am solidly a member of the generation that loved these additions to Saturday morning cartoons and can probably still sing every word of every song. It’s also why I can, quite accurately, quote the Declaration of Independence if required. Despite the obvious ‘Molly’ substitute in ‘Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your adverbs here….’ that followed me around years’ worth of school playgrounds, I feel lucky that this was a part of my childhood.
  • You know you are living a certain kind of life when this news bulletin was put out by your State Capital’s police department: “We located this chicken at large downtown this evening in the Langdon Street area. Passerby helped us wrangle her and now we’re looking to get this gal home. Anyone with information about where she belongs is asked to contact us” Before you worry, there is also this: “UPDATE: Our feathered friend was claimed by Grow Compost of Vermont who believe it rode into town in the undercarriage of one of their vehicles. They’ve been put in touch with our chicken caretakers and she’ll be on her way home soon.” Ain’t life grand? (Chicken-at-large is my new favorite thing.)
  • While I’m loving on my adopted home state, how about this article from Bon Appetit about the 25 Most Important Cheeses in America? That’s some serious representation (eight!) from this teeny, tiny state! And extra special love for an Addison County (and Francis Family) favorite: Twig Farm. Congratulations and well deserved. Let’s eat more cheese! Cheese road trips should be a thing!
  • And now that I’m taking about food, apparently ‘chopped salads’ are big business (and have been for 50 years in places like California), though this trend completely passed me by. I did, however, during innkeeping years, exist almost solely on tomato and mozzarella salads and a dish we just called ‘a bowl’. Hubby would make me ‘a bowl’ at the end of a night (if I wasn’t already eating tomatoes and mozzarella) which was generally lots of veggies, leftover couscous, maybe some cheese….maybe some pesto….maybe some lettuce…. These chopped salad recipes are basically tasty bowl recipes for all.

I made good progress on my baking experiment, it’s not perfect, but I can try, try again! More importantly, here’s hoping the weather lets me get to Goodies on Friday for the first creemee of 2018!

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