Searching for a Morning Bun

Searching for a Morning Bun

I have begun the grand breakfast goodies experiments! For those of you just joining in, this is a new phase over here, where I will be focusing a lot of my ‘playing around’ baking time to breakfast items. In Inn World, recipes needed to be relatively quick and pretty much foolproof. I needed to be able to get up at 6 AM and have those muffins on a table by 7:30. I needed to be able to double those recipes for mornings when there were 20+ people to feed. I needed to not have to think about them too much. I was often baking three or four other things on any given morning; cookies for the cookie jar and desserts for the evening menu as well as whatever I had planned for breakfast, so I needed things to go smoothly.

At the Inn, we also had a particular kind of clientele. We tended to have a more outdoorsy set of guests, folks here in Vermont to bike or hike or fish or ski. I mean, most people are treating themselves a little when they stay at a B&B and they have a more luxurious breakfast than they would at home. Not everyone does this, there are those who stick to their diets and regimes with astounding specificity and dedication. But my general take on breakfast baking for the Inn was a little on the healthy side. Tasty but simple. Not overly sweet or gooey.

Well, I’ve reached a point where I need a little goo. A little something stuffed or frosted. I’m doing some baking for a different audience and I need a few fun new go-to recipes. And so the experimenting begins. First up was a batch of morning buns from this terrific cookbook I have called Honey & Co. It’s a bakery in London that I have never been to but the recipes are unusual and inventive and I thought their morning bun sounded like it might be a winner. I haven’t given up on the idea, but these were not the success I had hoped.

I think I played around a little too much with the filling. Well, I just stuffed mine with some of last year’s homemade strawberry jam. Don’t get me wrong, these don’t taste bad at all! What’s not to love about pastry wrapped around strawberry jam? I just don’t think they are quite right. Maybe the jam is too heavy? The pastry seems a little worn down, not as fluffy and flaky as I would have liked. I have a danish recipe that I’m planning to try soon and maybe that’s more of what I am picturing. Though I do love the idea of this muffin shaped, stuffed, breakfast treat. So I am headed back to the cookbooks! When I find the success, I’ll be sure to share the recipe. In the meantime you’ll find me out on the roads, running off a dozen unsuccessful, jam-filled, morning buns.

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