Some Monday Thoughts

Some Monday Thoughts

I’m working on my goal of being more consistent over here on this blog again. But, really, on this particular morning, I’m avoiding opening the QuickBooks/credit card processing/ website-updating can of worms. All of these things need doing and I’m just sure once I start, something will go wrong, and I’ll get hyper-focussed until it’s fixed (I know myself very well in this regard) and it will all give me a headache. So, I’m here chatting to you about the various other things in my brain.

  • Before I start, up top, that’s a Bangers n’ Mash Bun that the hubby and I are working on. Yeah, we thought it sounded like a pretty good idea too! More tweaking this week, but look for it out in the world someday soon.
  • Just heard about this job title: Culinary Arts Therapist. This is pretty much a complete melding of all of the professions I have held. It was mentioned in an article about why baking for others is psychologically beneficial. I heard about a running therapist recently too – a therapist who goes running with her clients. Rather than sit in an office and talk, they run and talk. The active side to expression and healing makes a lot of sense to me.
  • Great article (with great photos) in yesterday’s New York Times, “When I Skate It Just Feels Free”, about an after school ice skating program in Harlem. The goal is not the Olympics, though they do train hard and compete, it’s all the others things that can come from this kind of focus. Self-esteem, academics, community building. (Much like the Girls On The Run programs, where the running is not really the primary goal.) It is also doing this with an activity that is predominantly a white person’s sport. Anyway, I grew up ice skating whenever I got the chance – no lessons or anything like that – I just love the glide and the speed and freedom of sliding around on ice, so I completely get the attraction.
  • I’m reading a terrific book right now, The Bridge of Clay. Yesterday I encountered a character who “…had the physique of a dressed up doughnut.” I just love that image. There are a lot of really good visual, unusual, descriptive moments in this book.
  • The first time I got to name an animal all for my own, I named her Biscuit. (Dog, mutt, 12th birthday present, because we had just moved, again, and I have an early fall birthday and so had no friends yet to have a party. We also went to see the musical Annie. Fun fact: in college one of my closest friends turned out to have been in that touring production of Annie.) I just think that maybe the signs about me and baking were there from an early age. (We had a cat named Marmalade too, though I can’t remember which of us actually named her. Money might be on me again.)

OK, while I’ve been typing here I have also been chatting with my website host, who tells me that “blah, blah, blah, SSL doesn’t have, blah, blah syn-type not matched, blah….” and means one site will be down for 24-48 hours. See, I knew posting here was the smarter choice. And now, I’ll probably go make dough, soup, cookies and my favorite Spiced Bar Nuts instead of doing my other computer chores. Psychological benefits of baking for the win!

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