Monday (and spring might actually be here!)

Monday (and spring might actually be here!)

I failed on last week’s hot cross bun goal. Failed as in ‘didn’t make them’, not as in ‘made a failed batch’. (I’d tell you the truth, really! I made a failed coffeecake last week. All squashy and ugly and I have no idea why. Baking mistakes are important, lessons can be learned. But sometimes the lesson eludes me and I just have a failed pile of something.) However, I did make this (photo above) gorgeous loaf of sourdough bread and I am so pleased with myself! That is two perfect loaves this week, one in a loaf pan and this one in the dutch oven so it’s all crunchy on the outside and squishy on the inside and perfection with butter and Marmite. Yummm. (I’m working my way through the instructions in this fantastic bread book: Josey Baker Bread)

  • The hubby and I have both been missing the UK/Ireland this past weekend. Easter is a much more significant holiday over there and we have a bunch of various memories and stories connected to it. Both countries would have a four-day weekend for Easter, with Friday and Monday off. This year, Ireland lifted a 90 year ban on serving alcohol on Good Friday, which I’m guessing made it a pretty funny day all around the country. The first year I lived in Ireland, watching people in the supermarkets on the Thursday before Good Friday, stockpiling beer and wine like Americans buying bread and water for hurricane forecasts, was eye-opening.
  • I came across this recipe for matzo brei and remembered the year we had guests staying with us at the inn during passover. They were regular guests for a few years, their child (a son, I think) was at Middlebury College and they used to come with their dog and stay in the Ice House. (The old building that used to be behind the inn, before we built the Sheep Barn Suites.) As they were staying during Passover they asked hubby if he would make them matzo brei for breakfast one morning, and being Irish Catholic he said he’d be happy to, but would need some pointers. They ended up in the kitchen with him, and basically made themselves breakfast, but we all loved this inn-keeping moment. And now we know how to make matzo brei.
  • I have completely missed out on this live production of Jesus Christ Superstar that aired last night. (We miss out on pretty much any live television event since we refuse to pay satellite prices just to have regular TV.) Anyway, all I am hearing is how fantastic it was. My mom took us to see Jesus Christ Superstar, somewhere, sometime in my childhood. I can’t remember where but I do remember how much I loved it. We got the record (!) of it afterwards and that was heavily played for a good long while.
  • I read about the Compton Cowboys and I just love the thought of this. I don’t love that part of their thinking is that they are less threatening on a horse, because I wish that wasn’t how so many people had to evaluate and measure their own existence. But, African American men on horses in Compton, CA? Genius. (Plus, I think animals make everything better.)
  • Utah has enacted a law, that’s being called the ‘free-range parenting’ law, and is the first of it’s kind in the USA. It states that if a child’s basic needs are being met then allowing them to “walk, run or bike to and from school, travel to commercial or recreational facilities, play outside and remain at home unattended” cannot be considered neglect. It’s all in support of trying to un-helicopter the helicopter style of parenting, acknowledging that by allowing children to navigate the world on their own, we’re teaching them how to navigate the world. I know at some point, the mark of being an adult is saying things like ‘when I was young…’ but, wow, does this article make me start a list of things I was doing, and at what age, when I was young. I’m not raising children though, so in many ways I feel unable to comment, but this article sure did catch my attention.
  • An article about Philadelphia is always going to catch my eye and this one about Boyd’s Clothing – calling it the last great clothing store in the US – sure makes me feel like driving right home and going shopping. Because the truth is, I’ve never been to Boyd’s. We were not a department-store-shopping family. (In all honesty, we were more of a thrift-store-shopping family.) I would rarely choose to go to a department store today. (Well, yes, I live in Vermont, it’s not hard to avoid them….) I generally find them overwhelming and confusing. But I’m also a sucker for some nostalgia, so I think taking the hubby to Boyd’s next time we’re in Philly is going on the list.
  • Cookies for breakfast?! What a great idea! (OK, they look like a round granola bar, but – cookies! It sounds so much more fun.) I think I have to make a batch of these, stat.

Wishing you successes in whatever you are hoping to succeed in this week – here’s to seasons!

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