Spring Monday

Spring Monday

I don’t know what it was like where you live but spring arrived here in Vermont ALL AT ONCE this past weekend. Snow flakes were swirling Friday morning, but by Saturday morning? Everything you expect during spring; sunshine, buds appearing, the willow tree has that yellow haze, greening grass, windows open, porch furniture dragged out of the garage, lights strung up on the back deck, good long outdoor run, cars washed. Whew. It was glorious. (I mean, it was 26 degrees on this morning’s dog walk [photo above] but STILL, spring has sprung.)

  • If you don’t know a lot about the food/social media world, Foodgawker is like Pinterest, but just for food. You can get lost in there, for serious. It’s a fun way to find recipes or gather ideas or just get inspired. It’s also a great way to get your own photos and recipes noticed, so then people hop on over to your blog, and then they try making your tasty ideas….and then you can take over the world! Or not, but it’s a step in this modern online world we live in. Anyway, I managed it this week and it was pretty darn exciting to have three photo/recipes accepted. (But, boy oh boy, do I have a lot more to learn in the photo department.) Pear Cardamom Bread, Spiced Bar Nuts and good old Banoffi Pie all getting a moment in the sun!
  • I can’t stop thinking and talking about the Boston Marathon last Monday! Oh my goodness. The weather was diabolically awful and the feel-good stories are endless. In case you don’t know, an American woman (Desi Linden) won the women’s race (first American winner in over 30 years) AFTER she slowed down twice to help other runners get back into the game. Runner’s World has an interesting article about how the psychology of helping others may have helped her power through a really tough race. And the #2 woman? No one even knew who she was. Sarah Sellers, not an elite runner, has a full-time job, and when they told her she’d come in second, she kept trying to figure out in what division because she didn’t believe there was any way she had come in over-all second. I’m telling you, I couldn’t stop crying.
  • Did you ever think about where the Amish go when they go on vacation? No? Neither had I. I’m completely fascinated by these photos and the idea the usual rules of their lifestyle get a little relaxed (like all of ours?) when they are on vacation.
  • Apparently science has discovered that not only do we share likes and habits and history with our best friends, we also share brain chemistry. They can look at a group of brain scan results and predict who are your closest friends. Next month (lucky, lucky me) I’m getting together with a group of my best besties, 12 of us in a house (in Italy!) for a week. And I can’t help but think that this science is why my stomach always aches and my facial muscles are sore and I’ve cried at least three times after being with any of this people, because we’re so in sync that it’s actually scientifically impossible not to have the times of our lives together.
  • After last week’s successful Pear Cardamom bread experiment I’ve been thinking of all things cardamom. And remembering this website that I bookmarked last year for a Swedish Cardamom Roll recipe, which I keep meaning to try. I also could watch the GIF of her forming the roll over and over and over…..it’s hypnotic.

This week I’m rolling on spring energy and getting the garden in shape, trying out a long-awaited special request recipe experiment, making a boatload of cookies, continuing to knit a sweater that I am so excited to wear but it finally looks like I am just going to have to wait until the fall and doing one more long run before the Middlebury Maple Run in a couple of weeks. Wising you a great spring week too.

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