Thoughts From a Recent Road Trip

Thoughts From a Recent Road Trip

Fall is pretty easy to love, especially up here in Vermont. And I know I have said it before, but this one seems particularly beautiful. Maybe it’s because it was dry for so long this summer it just didn’t seem possible that fall would be stunning, but whatever the reason, it is pretty magical out there right now. I’m making sure to get out there and breathe in as much of it as I can. I don’t know about you, but there is also something about the melancholy that comes with autumn that I quite like. Time to tuck up and stay home, time to turn inward and tend to ourselves.

  • I was away last week – running a race, seeing friends, visiting a city I love, celebrating a birthday and seeing Hamilton. I’m just here to say – as one who has not been excessively obsessed with this show but very intrigued and interested – it lived up to all the hype. As these things rarely do. Wow oh wow was it great. The music, the storytelling methods, the use of choreography, the multiracial cast, the energy of it all. I honestly can’t get it out of my head.
  • Given that I can’t get the songs from Hamilton out of my head, this article came along at just the right time – about only being able to run to show tunes. Now, I don’t listen to music at all when I run, but it completely makes sense to me that show tunes would be the best, most distracting, most energizing tunes for running with – or maybe that’s the long ago theater kid inside of me. Might have to give it a try one of these days.
  • While we’re talking about running – have you heard that Nike just signed their first professional athlete with cerebral palsy? A cross country runner. In case you need a quick feel-good weep, here you go: Sports Illustrated.
  • I don’t know how I’ve missed knowing this term until now, and I can’t even remember where I bumped into it in the last couple of weeks – third culture kids. It neatly embraces so much of what I try to describe when I describe myself or answer the question ‘where are you from?’. Third culture kids are children who are raised in a culture different from the one of their parents or the one on their passport for significant portions of their early development years. I feel like this overstates my own experience, since I was raised between the US and the UK, so didn’t have to negotiate any changes of language. (Though I was the kid with the weird/cool (depending on who was doing the judging) accent, in either country.) I’ve talked about feeling rootless, and there are days that this bothers me and days that it doesn’t. I like the way this writer sums it up for herself: ‘Being rootless doesn’t mean I don’t belong to any one place; it means I choose to belong to many.’
  • And lastly for this week, how about this for an idea? A bakery and a bookstore in Germany combining forces to keep things alive. More than a coffeeshop in the front of a bookstore, this is sausages and loaves of bread and I just love the thought of it. On our recent trip we ended up spending a night in a small town in western New York that had what appeared to be a thriving main street and, while I am just as guilty as the next person for shopping online, if there are good ideas for how to keep people on their feet, out in public places, supporting local businesses, I say bring it on.
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  • Molly, It sounds like you’re concocting a plan. A good one, too. My favorite place in western New York is the tiny town, Ripley (believe it or not), which has had a family restaurant there for 40-50 years. See Small farming town that goes far enough back to have a number of beautiful old houses in it. No more than a mile and a half from Pennsylvania. Maybe three quarters of a mile from Lake Erie (clearly a misspelling of Eire). Farming now given over almost entirely to grapes. Just off the end of the NY Thruway. Commuting between Bloomington and Jay, we saw a lot of western NY, a piece of Pennsylvania, and then lots of Ohio.

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