Wonder Full Monday

Wonder Full Monday

I’m not sure how or why this has happened, but I have arrived on Monday without a big list of articles I’ve read this week. I’m planning for an upcoming trip so maybe that’s why? I ran a race yesterday so maybe I’ve been distracted? I did a lot of work outside last week (with lots more to go!) and maybe that is the reason? Whatever the cause, today I have a list. I love lists. I still use a paper planner because I like to make lists and cross things off. When we had the inn I always kept a piece of paper behind the bar with me so I could jot down things as the night went along. Those lists were often really random. I actually have a pretty good memory but I feel worried if I can’t write something down in order to remember it. Anyway, here is this morning’s dog-walking, thinking outloud list.

A list of WONDER Full things:

  • I want to go see this hall full of ancient maps
  • My pretty, pretty red truck out in the sunshine
  • First creemee of the season, even if it was pretty cold out and a storm was brewing.
  • Making a list of gifts I want to knit this year
  • Becoming a little obsessed with sewing patterns and sites devoted to sewing
  • Rescue dogs
  • Discovering a book that claims to be the best book ever written in the Irish language
  • I’ve got The Image Farm working on a logo for Banoffi & Such and I am very excited about the progress
  • I have actual rhubarb growing in my own backyard
  • Libraries are awesome
  • Laying the first fire in the fire pit
  • Sorting and re-sorting my travel packing list
  • Monument Farms chocolate milk after a race
  • I’ve been working on a website for the Friends of the Platt Memorial Library and I’m learning as I go
  • Choosing the next book to read

Have an excellent week!

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